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Slack Overload PUTS PROJECTS AT RISK AND buries knowledge

Does this sound familiar?

  • Status, ownership and priorities are unclear

  • Important decisions and details slip through the cracks

  • People ask the same questions over and over

  • Discussions and comments are spread all over the place

Pingpad's kanban boards and wiki knowledge base work together seamlessly so it's easy to manage projects and capture and share knowledge.

Designed for teams that live in Slack, Pingpad combines the visual planning of Trello, the project management of Asana and the flexible knowledge base of Wikis, all in one tool inside Slack.

Add projects + wikis to Slack.

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VIsually plan and manage PROJECTs

Organize Cards visually with kanban boards, so everyone understands the big picture.  Clearly see who owns tasks and when they're due.  Access boards from the web or from Slack with the /board command.


A modern Wiki knowledge base

Every Card has a collaborative WYSIWYG editor that makes it easy to author content.  Card ownership helps keep info up-to-date so your knowledge base doesn't become a graveyard.


create and VIEW cards from slack

Move quickly and stay in the flow while in Slack. Type /task in Slack to create a Card, or /pp to find any Card.


turn slack messages into knowledge and tasks

Just add the 📌 emoji to any message or file to save and organize it on a Pingpad Board. Create new Cards or attach to existing Cards.


Manage tasks from multiple projects in one place

Type /mytasks in Slack to get an interactive list of your Cards across all your Boards. Cards can be marked complete, moved forward in a workflow, re-assigned, commented on, etc. -- all without leaving Slack.


Keep conversations focused and in one place

Card comments are 2-way synced between Slack and Pingpad, so everyone sees the same conversation. No more comment silos.


Get Actionable insights

Board Table View lets you dynamically filter, search and sort work, so it's easy to see who's overbooked, what's overdue, etc.


safe and secure for business

Pingpad is an enterprise-grade hosted service with Slack's secure SSO for access, and public/private permissions set for Slack Channels, full HTTPS and 256-bit data encryption at rest.


Be less overloaded

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Pingpad vs. trello

Beat Slack Overload while managing projects where work happens

If your team lives in Slack, that's where you should manage your projects and knowledge. You might have tried connecting Trello to Slack, but that only makes the problem of Slack Overload worse. The last thing you need is another noisy notification from another place to go.

Pingpad was designed for teams that live in Slack. Where work happens, and the new way people want to work.


Designed for teams that live in Slack

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TeamOps empowers customer-responsive teams to achieve higher velocity through the agile cycle of planning, acting and learning -- without having to leave Slack. This speed allows teams to continuously improve and more effectively deliver and compete.

TeamOps is the combination of practices, apps and cultural philosophies that increases a team’s ability to deliver results at high velocity. This is made possible by the shift to group messaging (75% of teams are adopting) away from email, teams are synchronously connected more than ever. While this creates new signal-to-noise problems in collaboration, when structured with applied practices, teams can delivery more efficiently, effectively and with continuous improvement.

Pingpad provides a flexible integrated solution for TeamOps. Teams can Plan using Kanban visualization integrated with discussion. Act with task management and drive workflow through Slack engagement. Learn through easily capturing feedback, structuring a knowledge base and operationalizing into repeatable workflows.