About the Slack Permissions We Ask For



Pingpad is a fully featured collaboration app tightly integrated with Slack. For this to work, you have to give our app permission to access things in Slack. We aren't asking permission to spam your team or invade your business' privacy. Here's what about to ask for and why, and if it ever changes we'll ask your permission again. 


Access and modify information about your Public Channels

We create a new Channel in Slack called #team-site with only you in it, and make it easy for you to create Pads for other Channel topic.


Add a bot user with the username @Pingpad

We invite the @pingpad bot to the #team-site so you can get started


Add commands to Pingpad

So you can /task to create a new Card, and /pp to search


Access Team's profile Information

This creates your profile in Pingpad, let's you @mention someone in a Note, and let's you look up and send direct messages to team members through Pingpad.


Access your team's pinned content and associated information

This saves Pinned messages for your tean to edit


Access Content in your Public Channels

This makes it easy for you to save and edit Slack messages with a Reaction ( e.g. :pushpin) , and interact with the @pingpad bot to create a team glossary.


Access information about your Private Channels

If you later choose to /invite @pingpad to a Private Channel, this permission let's us create a Pad for it.


Access Content in your Private Channels

Same thing as with Public Channels


A copy of our Security Policies and Operations Procedures is available upon request.

If you have further questions, please contact us.