Pingpad vs. Trello

Beat Slack Overload by managing your projects where work happens, in Slack

If your team lives in Slack, that's where you should manage your projects. You might have tried connecting Trello to Slack, but that only makes the problem of Slack Overload worse. The last thing you need is another noisy notification from another place to go.

Pingpad was designed for teams that live in Slack. Where work happens, and the new way people want to work.


Move Forward with Focused Conversations

Pingpad gives you a Kanban board for every Slack Channel to create and manage projects. And one conversation thread, in Slack and the Pingpad web app, for each Card.

No more talking past each other, with comments in Slack separate from comments in Trello. Your team has focused conversations to move forward.


Capture Key Decisions and Tasks from Slack

Pingpad makes it fast and easy to capture Slack messages, threads and file attachments. Just react with a 📌 to create a new Card (or add to an existing one) on a Kanban Board.

No more lost files and forgotten knowledge that search can't find and never washed up on the Trello island. Your team can capture key decisions and tasks from Slack.



Stay informed and take action in Slack

Pingpad is the solution to Slack Overload, not part of the problem. Team members know when a task is assigned to them, status is clear, and it's tracked until marked complete. Changes to Boards don't get in the way of your Slack conversations. When you really need someone's help, just @mention them.

No more noisy flood of one-way notifications. Your team is informed and can take action in Slack.


These are just a few reasons why you should consider Pingpad as an alternative to Trello for project planning, project management and task management. Trello is awesome and all, but it was built before Slack, so it wasn't designed for the way people want to work today. Add Pingpad to your Slack today, and start the conversation with us.