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Task Workflows for Slack

Create and assign task Cards from the Web or Slack, then organize them into stages of work on your custom kanban board so everyone sees the big picture. Get a unified view of all tasks you own or are watching in Messenger view, where it's easy to followup. Search and browse boards from Slack with slash commands. Examples include:

  • Client project management

  • Customer onboarding

  • Event planning

Wiki Knowledge Base for Slack

Author knowledge Cards using our collaborative WYSIWYG editor.  Add ownership and refresh dates so your knowledge base doesn't become a graveyard. Capture requests for new articles through Slack and manage those requests through a content workflow.  Search and browse from Slack with slash commands. Examples include:

  • Sales and Support knowledge base

  • Team Wiki / Project Wiki

  • Templates and Best Practices

Shared Channels

Connect your Slack with your customer's Slack using Shared Channels, then use Pingpad to visually communicate project plans and manage approvals right from Slack.  Examples include:

  • Agency client projects

  • Customer onboarding

  • Keystone customer success and support

Use Pingpad without leaving Slack

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Team-friendly Features


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Turn messages into Cards before they slip through the cracks


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Find details in the flow, without leaving Slack


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See what's next - including watched Cards - without leaving Slack


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Drill down and browse Cards, without leaving Slack


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Access to any Card's files and links, without leaving Slack


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Move Cards through an approval workflow, without leaving Slack

synched threads

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All Card comments get synced between the Web and Slack

real-time editor

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Simultaneously edit meeting notes, articles, etc. with your team


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Get a Wiki for every Slack channel, searchable from Slack

Table View

Sort and Filter Cards in a compact table view


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Quickly review and follow up on important Cards


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Export Cards to CSV files

What is TeamOps?

TeamOps empowers teams to achieve higher velocity through the agile cycle of planning, acting and learning.

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This speed allows teams to continuously improve and more effectively deliver and compete. TeamOps is the combination of practices, apps and cultural philosophies that increases a team’s ability to deliver results at high velocity.

This is made possible by the shift to group messaging platforms like Slack (75% of teams are adopting), away from email, where teams are synchronously connected more than ever. While this creates new signal-to-noise problems in collaboration, when structured with applied practices, teams can deliver more efficiently, effectively and with continuous improvement.


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Set goals, organize, take ownership and make fast decisions


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Visualize work, re-prioritize, focus communication, and customer approval


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Capture and document knowledge, continuously improve

Key TeamOps principles:

  • Establish shared goals
  • Fast decisions and handoffs
  • Sole ownership
  • Visualize work
  • Focused communication
  • Capture and document feedback and learnings
  • Continuous improvement

    Just as when software infrastructure moved to the cloud and made modern DevOps possible, the movement of teams to messaging requires new practices, apps and cultural philosophies. TeamOps practices were borne from agile development methodologies and apply to teams like marketing, sales, customer success, account management, BizOps and finance. Every team is a customer of another team, whether internal or external, and over time (through Shared Channels) they become a network of teams. 

    Pingpad provides a flexible integrated solution for TeamOps. Teams can Plan using Kanban visualization integrated with discussion. Act with task management and drive workflow through Slack engagement. Learn through easily capturing feedback, structuring a knowledge base and operationalizing into repeatable workflows. Join our community of customers advancing the practices of TeamOps.


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