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Everybody loves Slack. You can discuss and share soooo easily, and it's fun! 🎉

But let's face it, it can get noisy and difficult to stay focused on results:

• it's hard to stay on the same page without constantly asking the same questions

• decisions and threads quickly get lost in the flow (even with Slack search)

• status and context of key tasks are "in some folder, in one of my browser tabs"

We tried gluing all our favorite tools like Trello, Asana, Wikis, and Google Docs onto Slack to keep up. But those tools were built before Slack came along, and changed the way work happens.

So we asked ourselves: for teams that run on Slack, how might we help clarify goals, plans, and ownership so all those conversations turn into results?

Meet Pingpad.

Turn conversation into results.

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Get a kanban Board for every Slack Channel, no new login required

Organize cards visually, so your team finds things fast.  Clearly see who owns what, and when things are due.


Board summaries give the big picture FROM SLACK /
action buttons tee up your workflow 

Fast and easy to View, Approve, Organize, Share, and Post without leaving Slack.


save any Slack message, file or thread to a card, so you don't lose details & context

Just 📌 react to any message and the @pingpad bot will save and organize it on your Board.


organize your Project visually with drag and drop

Edit Notes and Documents together in real time, @pingpad keeps knowledge fresh, validated and easy to find.


safe and secure for business

Pingpad is an enterprise-grade hosted service with Slack's secure SSO for access, and public/private permissions set for Slack Channels, full HTTPS and 256-bit data encryption at rest.


Move projects forward faster

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who uses pingpad

Product and Customer teams that live in Slack

High-growth Product and Customer teams have turned to Slack for fast and easy communication across functions, but they require an integrated experience beyond chat. 

Customer Success and Support needs to rapidly onboard new customers and resolve issues to retain and grow relationships. This requires not only managing the tasks that ensure customers are successful, but bringing the best insight of the broader team to each customer experience.

Product Management and Development is trying to separate the signal from the noise, align development with customer needs, and move projects forward. This requires capturing hundreds of decisions, insights from conversations, rapidly getting focused feedback, and managing cross-functional knowledge and tasks.


Designed for the era of conversation


About Us

Pingpad's leadership team pioneered social collaboration, created the Enterprise 2.0 category, managed multiple collaboration products including Google G Suite, and architected and scaled SlideShare, the largest document website in the world.

Pingpad is headquartered in Palo Alto and backed by leading VCs and notable angel investors. If you are passionate about creating the future of work, introduce yourself and explore working with our growing team.

Ross Mayfield, CEO & Co-founder

Ross Mayfield, CEO & Co-founder

Scott McMullan, VP Product

Scott McMullan, VP Product

Kapil Mohan, VP Engineering

Kapil Mohan, VP Engineering

Leila Al-Shamari, VP Ops & Co-founder

Leila Al-Shamari, VP Ops & Co-founder

Shishir Sharma, Dir. Engineering

Shishir Sharma, Dir. Engineering