Modern collaboration for Product and Customer teams that live in Slack

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Modern collaboration for Product and Customer teams that live in Slack

There is a new way to get things done, together. Your Product and Customer team already know this, and love how Slack helps them communicate. Slack has become the go-to channel to share knowledge, and get answers.

But there's one problem, your team keeps asking the same questions.

Pingpad helps you organize the otherwise productive chaos on Slack, and turn it into action. The @Pingpad bot helps you capture answers while in the flow of work. The Pingpad web app helps you organize and build upon them, so conversations turn into documented knowledge. And that smarty-pants @Pingpad bot helps people find the answers and keep the team on the same page. 

πŸ“Œ Capture knowledge

Slack messages go to Pingpad to live. Capture shared knowledge in a single message or a thread with a Reaction πŸ’‘

πŸ“edit together

Collaborative Notes are editable by many people at the same time. Highlight text for discussion threads across Pingpad and Slack. 

πŸ“get organized

Lost in Google Docs? Collaborative note space per Channel. Find-ability with search, links and tags.

πŸš€ take action

@Pingpad bot orchestrates workflows across the team, with content approvals so you find the right answer.


Get things done. Together.

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About Us

We believe people can be even more happy and productive at work than they are today.

We pioneered Social Collaboration and know the best is yet to come. Now with platforms like Slack and new devices like mobile, things we barely dreamed of are becoming possible. We're making software for teams that is fast, integrated and flexible so you can get things done, together.

Pingpad is led by CEO and co-founder Ross Mayfield. He previously co-founded Socialtext, the Social Collaboration pioneer and created the Enterprise 2.0 category. Recently he was with SlideShare and drove its acquisition by LinkedIn. Pingpad is backed by 500 Startups, Crunchfund, Floodgate Fund, Greylock Capital and notable angel investors.

Pingpad is headquartered in Palo Alto. If you are passionate about social collaboration, introduce yourself and we may find yourself working with our growing team.


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