Get things done. Together.

The real-time wiki built on Slack

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With Pingpad, Slack Teams capture shared knowledge, organize, and act on it.

Create a Team Site, Meeting Notes, Living Documentation, Wiki Knowledgebase, and more.

All built on Slack, where your team is engaged.

Edit together in real-time

Take Notes

Take notes in Slack, collaborate on notes together in real-time, and get your Team on the same page.

Pull it all together

Team Site

Create a Team Site that organizes your information, and Save Slack messages with a click.

Bot-Augmented Insight

Knowledge Base

Get insight into what your team knows, create a team glossary, and help from a knowledgeable Bot.

   Sign In with Slack

Make it fast and easy for your team to log in with their Slack identity.

   Collaborative Notes

Edit in real time with others, see who is writing what, see who did what when, and more.

   Team Site

A central place for your team create, organize, and share information.

   Wiki Per Channel

Organize information for every team #channel topic in the structure they know.

   Glossary Bot

The @pingpad Bot helps you define terms your team knows.

   Save Slack Messages

With a click, Pin a message to save it as Note.

   Create Notes in Slack

Just type /note, and then keep typing.

   Link It Together

Link from note to note, across wikis. Link to Slack files and messages.

   Search and Discover

Search your notes in Pingpad, or in Slack through the Bot.

We believe people can be even more happy and productive at work than they are today. We pioneered Social Collaboration and know the best is yet to come. Now with platforms like Slack and new devices like mobile, things we barely dreamed of are becoming possible. We're making software for teams that is fast, integrated and flexible so you can get things done, together.

Pingpad is led by CEO and co-founder Ross Mayfield. He previously co-founded Socialtext, the Social Collaboration pioneer and created the Enterprise 2.0 category. Recently he was with SlideShare and drove its acquisition by LinkedIn. Pingpad is backed by 500 Startups, Crunchfund, Floodgate Fund, Greylock Capital and notable angel investors.

Pingpad is headquartered in Palo Alto. If you are passionate about social collaboration, introduce yourself and we may find yourself working with our growing team.

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